Training Center of Ukrmedservice offers a wide range of programs in such areas:


Main topics:

  • Purpose and basic principles of time and territory management.
  • Stages of coverage of the territory
  • Classification of customers.
  • Strategies and tactics of working with various categories of clients (frequency of visits, short and long term plans, modification of selling proposition).
  • The principles of time management.
  • Priorities. Delegation of powers.
  • Expansion of the territory. Monitoring and reporting.

Time management

Main topics:

  • Time as a resource. The main plunderers of time.
  • Principles and techniques of time management.
  • Planning events. Priorities of "important-urgent".
  • Procrastination and its control.
  • The rules of time management.
  • Delegation as a way to reduce the shortage of time.
  • Secrets of effective time management.

Merchandising in Pharmacy

Main topics:

  • The basic elements of merchandising.
  • Characteristics of consumer behavior. Consumer behavior at the pharmacy. Effect of pulsed factors.
  • The policy of merchandising in pharmaceutical companies.
  • POS-materials. Effect of POS-materials on impulse purchases. Placement of POS-materials.
  • Classification of the pharmacy networks. Working with different types of pharmacy outlets.
  • Merchandising of brands and product lines.
  • Analysis of merchandising in Kiev pharmacies (learning situation).

The effective sale of pharmaceuticals

Main topics:

  • Goals and objectives of the company for sale of pharmaceuticals.
  • The structure of the process of personal selling.
  • Analysis of the product portfolio. Features and Benefits.
  • The structure of the customer.
  • Analysis of client needs.
  • Basic selling skills for medical representatives.
  • Working with mation and promotional materials.
  • Building long-term relationships with clients.


Professional presentation of a medical representative

Main topics:

  • The structure of an effective presentation.
  • Types of presentations.
  • Production of mation material for the presentation.
  • Using of technical means during the presentation.
  • Communications with the audience.
  • Ending of the presentation and action after its completion.
  • Identifying the interests of the audience and changing the presentation according to it.

Actualization needs in pharmaceutical products by SPIN

Main topics:

  • SPIN-technology in the sale and marketing of pharmaceuticals.
  • Coming into contact, and identifying the needs of the client using the SPIN-model.
  • The survey as a method of analysis and updating of customer needs
  • The negative reaction of customers and technology to overcome them.
  • Methods of rapid transition to close the deal.

Trade marketing

Main topics:

  • Pharmaceutical market. Субъекты рынка. Маркетинговые исследования и использование результатов для оценки потенциала рынка. Маркетинговые прогнозы.
  • Segmentation of consumers
  • Differences marketing strategies in promoting prescription and OTC drugs.
  • USP (Unique Selling Point).Positioning of a product.
  • Three levels of product. Presentation of benefits.
  • Competitive advantage and competitive position.
  • Analysis of the product portfolio.
  • Distribution channels. Stimulation of resellers.
  • Purchasing decision. Impulse buying and planning.
  • Merchandising in pharmacies.


Specialized training programs for field teams of the pharmaceutical market

Trainings for regional managers
Content Result

1. Management of the organization and processes

The principles of successful business

objects of management

Model development of territory

Principles of Sales Planning

SWOT, ABC-and GAP-analysis

The model of functional management

standards of work

Control system and methodology of work with them

The meeting, as a management tool

The ability to control territory, business processes, resources and functions. Creation and implementation of SOP-standards of work

2. Human Resource Management

Levels of readiness of the employee
Management methodology based on the level of readiness

Rapid diagnosis of the motives of employees

Motivation and stimulation of employees


Technology and teaching methods in personnel
The development of skills and staff loyalty

Ability to develop skills to effectively manage of field team

3. Leadership

Psychological bases of influence on people

Methodology for determining and impact on motivation

RAPI system

The methodology of the individual qualities of the team to achieve results

Team-building technology

Conflict management.

Ability to form motifs staff


Trainings for medical representatives Content Result

1. The territorial management

Evaluation of commercial potential of customers


Sales planning for clients

Setting goals for the visit

Preparing for the visit

Practical tasks

Clear planning of a client sales

(To whom and why we go)

2. Fundamentals of psychological impact on the customer


Channels of perception

Levels of communication

Nonverbal and paraverbal communication

Psychological types of clients and methods of working with them

Express-diagnostics: determining customer needs

Practical tasks

Ability to use psychological techniques to influence customers 

(How to get result?)

3. SPIN-technology

Stages of the visit: the typical errors and prevention methods

Benefits of Performance-based

Applied SPIN

The conclusion of a commercial transaction

Practical tasks

The ability to identify the hidden needs and conclude a commercial transactions (what, when, where and how)

4. Technology a successful presentation

Technology impact on the audience

Methods of using visualization tools

The methodology of a successful presentation

Practical tasks

Ability to sell the idea of an audience

5. The resistance of the objections

The causes of negative reactions

Typical manifestations of adverse reactions

Methods for the elimination of negative reactions

True and false objections

The technology works with different types of objections

Practical tasks

Ability to achieve results in any circumstances

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