Standard operational procedures (SOP) – documented instructions on the implementation of operational procedures or, in other words, formalized algorithm of actions execution. They provide detailed answers to the following questions: Which? When? Where? and How? activities are done by employee in order to accomplish the established goals and determine areas of his responsibilities.

Specialists of Ukrmedservice will help you to create a system of key indicators which define the effectiveness of individual employee performance in achieving of corporate goals, and to develop the following standards:

  • Standard of planning
  • Standard of team work organization
  • Standard of resulting operational meeting
  • Standard of work with Key Indicators
  • Standard of visit of a Distributor/Apothecary chain
  • Standard of visit to the pharmacy
  • Standard of visit to a doctor
  • Standard of carrying out the Trace Visit
  • Standard of carrying out the Double Visit (Field Training)
  • Standard of merchandizing
  • Standard of new employee introduction to the working process.

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