Assessment of MR’s performance is conducted using methodology developed by Assessment Center, which allows to carry out ultimately objective and complete assessment of key knowledge and skills of a specialist of company’s medical service in order to:

  • determine the current professional level;
  • determine the resulting quality of team performance and possible ways to improve the effectiveness of interaction between team members;
  • determine the necessity of further training;
  • estimate the potential for employees’ professional growth inside the company

Main steps of MR’s performance assessment:

  1. Analysis of functional responsibilities of the held position, compiling (modification) of specialist’s profile portrait
  2. Conducting of Assessment Center mini-training
  3. Resulting choice of staff and assessment of their performance effectiveness
  4. Establishment of development plans employee himself (self-assessment)

Main methods of personnel assessment used for determination of MR’s performance effectiveness:

  • "360°" assessment (or "round assessment") – assessment of the most important employee’s responsibilities though the analysis of feedback data collected from:
    • employee himself (self-assessment)
    • manager
    • colleagues
    • managees
    • customers or contractors
  • centers of assessment - combination of situational tasks and tests which allow objective assessment of the established scope of competences necessary for successful fulfillment of definite job functions at specific position in the specific company
  • Field audit:
    • workday photography – supervision over the activity patterns and workday timing recording under the field conditions
    • trace visits – assessment of the results of work done by employee at customer’s place (client’s knowledge about product, company, employee; utilization of company’s products)
    • double visits - assessment of the results of work done by employee at his working place (knowledge, competence, skills in fulfillment of job functions)
  • store cheking - system of measures aimed at review of sales points performance effectiveness, which consists in fixation of assortment and prices, facings and advertising activity of producers with regard to each stock-keeping unit (SKU) at sales points.
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