Staff leasing

(we will lease you a team of MR with required number of specialists, in required region, in required period of time with the possibility of following transition to your regular staff)


Short-term leasing of MR

Long-term leasing of MR

This will allow you to increase the number of MR in a short term for the purpose of holding actions, samplings, launches and other events, which require the prompt coverage of large quantity of specialists of target groups


This will allow you to create loyalty among specialists of target groups as a result of more than 6-month work of MR

The most effective structure of leased external service offered by Ukrmedservice:

  • Field Force Manager
  • Project manager (PM)
  • Regional managers (RМ)
  • Medical representatives (MR)

Responsibility areas of outsourcing staff:

  • Project manager – communication with customer companies, coordination of MRs’ team work, general control and reporting
  • Regional manager – responsibility for the performance of MRs within their region: supervision over the completion of tasks and goals of promotional cycles by MR, carrying out of double and hidden visits, training of MR within the region
  • Medical representative – qualitative and quantitative completion of promotional cycle objectives.


This will allow you:

  • To overcome the corporate limit of regular staff head count
  • To select personnel for transition to your regular staff
  • To outstaff employees undergoing probation period
  • To reduce costs for keeping personnel service and accounts departments



Our offer on outsourcing of medical representatives includes several steps:

  1. Agreement with Partner on goals, tasks, criteria of review and results assessment
  2. Team formation
  3. Trainings:  
    • On product specifics
    • On skills necessary for dealing with customers
  4. Field control and regular reporting (ways of reporting can be adjusted upon client’s choice)
  5. Final report submission to Partner

Norms of work of medical representativ:

  • Average daily number of visits: 10-12
  • Number of working days per month: 20-22
  • Total number of visits per month: 230±30


Collaboration with Ukrmedservice allows our partners to increase volumes and improve quality of their services, reduce expenses and reach desired results without extension of company’s structure.


Should you have any questions, please contact us on (multiline) and specialists of Ukrmedservice will provide you with all necessary mation.

In order we could offer you the best solution for your objectives and make the preliminary assessment of costs, please fill in the brief carefully (rus | ukr | eng). Correctness of its filling will define the operational efficiency of its processing.

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